Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lichen Guide on Github

The Lichen Guide repo,  https://github.com/hicmic25/LichenGuideMaps.  Trying to get an alertdialog box to pop up using onTap method for user clicks on EEON plot map overlays.  Give the user additional options for viewing lichens at particular EEON plots (as data is made available) and view the data in a more stable manner than through a 'transient' toast message.

It seems like I need to somehow pass lat/long values from the onTap method to a cursor and look for matches in the database.  This requires some restructuring of the data tables however.  I would need to include the lat/long of the plot where the lichen was found in the lichen table so an onTap click would send lat/long values that could then be processed and matched via the sqlite API and the user would see the custom list of returned lichen entries.  Will try and work on it this weekend.

Went out today and did some preliminary surveys of two EEON plots.  We made quite a few collections and started in on the identification process.  Found many Hypogymnia spp., I feel good about a couple of the identifications but tomorrow we're going to learn how to use spot tests to make sure we get as accurate identifications as possible.

Finally saw Hypogymnia physodes up close!  I've read about it in many studies and finally got a chance to see it up close under the dissecting scope.  H. physodes has distinctive marginal soredia that form on 'lip' like structures (really just the thallus folded over itself).  Pretty much made my day.

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