Friday, March 25, 2011

Guide to the Lichens of The Evergreen State College - Maps

Integrating google maps into the Lichen Guide app was not as difficult as I imagined it to be.  The app can now display all of the EEON plots as well as current user location.  The user can potentially navigate to every EEON plot using the app.  Admittedly the accuracy is not the best, but I think it can at least aid in navigating to the plots.     

When an EEON plot is clicked, a toast message pops up displaying the plot name and the forest-type associated with it.  I may try and implement a more powerful menu when a point is clicked, so the user can view more info about each plot and link directly to lichens found in that plot.  For now, the user can click a point and view the forest type, then hit the menu button and navigate to the forest-type list and then view lichens for that plot/area.  

By hitting the menu button in Map mode the user can navigate to other parts of the app and change the map view to satellite mode.  At this point I need to start on the graphic design aspects of the app, populating the glossary of terms, and integrating images into the lichen description menu.

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